Facebook Page Marketing Techniques

Folks today we will cover the most demanding and interesting social media platform i.e. FaceBook. With the growing number of signups for FaceBook the marketing needs and dependency of FaceBook is increasing day by day for every small to large level businesses.

FaceBook offers you highly interesting and creative feature of development of the business page also known as popularly Fan page. We call it Fan Page because users liking this page will be added to your Fan Base. Now the fight on Facebook Page Marketing  is to increase the awareness of the brand/business by sharing it to maximum number of users, which in turn can also do some viral promotion for you by sharing the information to other users on their social Network.

Maximum the page will be shared among the users on FaceBook maximum are the chances to get genuine FaceBook likes. These likes are displayed right on the top of your business page which is the direct measure of your brand popularity or indirectly we can say that the direct measure of your Facebook Page Marketing Strategy.

FaceBook Page Marketing

In order to make your Facebook Page Marketing  successful, here the few techniques that you can use to incorporate on your business page or Fan Page on FaceBook:

Facebook Page Marketing for Business Page Development:

Now this is the first and most important aspect of every business page developed on FaceBook. You should develop a creative Page that can attract users landing on your FaceBook Page. There are various components that make up a complete and successful business page. Here are the main components:

Business Page Development Facebook Page Marketing Techniques

Facebook Page Marketing for Cover Image:

This is going to be the first impression of your FaceBook page so you need to be highly creative about this. Try to make highly professional Cover Photo for your Fan Page that should also correlate in some ways with your website as well. Cover Photo should be developed with appropriate dimensions i.e. 851 PX by 315 PX. While developing this photo please take care of the overlap that will take place due to profile picture that you upload in the next step.

Facebook Page Marketing for Profile Photo:

Now this photo will be overlapped with cover photo up to certain extent and the standard dimensions for profile photo are 180 PX by 180 PX. Refer to the screen shot placed above for actual layout. Profile photo should be meaningful and should make sense as far as your page them is concerned. Your Business logo can be used as profile photo or you can also go personal human avatar as long as you are associated with the FaceBook page in some ways.

Facebook Page Marketing for About Section:

This is very powerful section of your business page as this section will summarize the business page in few lines and moreover there are options for sharing your business location, phone number and website URL so that interested customers can contact you directly. Specially for pages registered under Local business category then your business location will be captured like showcased in below screen:

Facebook About Section Facebook Page Marketing Techniques

Facebook Page Marketing for Contribute to discussion:

Try to grow your social network naturally through engaging discussion with friends and users connected through your profile on consistent basis.Post frequently to your timeline and post useful information. You can share normal text, Photo, Video or even and Link URL through your status update.Useful videos related to your business marketing can be shared among the social network audience.

Try to be casual sometimes and post something entertaining material on your timeline. Monitor your timeline closely to see what people like and on what kind of updates you receive maximum shares, comments etc…If any user is sharing some comments or review relegated to the update shared by you then reply to that user’s comment to develop communication.The idea is to engage audience through your updates on your business page. Be social and be useful this is that demanded by social platforms.

Facebook Page Marketing for Explore your options:

Website – Integrate your FaceBook Page link on your website template so that all the pages of your website have a link connecting to your FaceBook page. If you have ecommerce website then we would recommend you to embed social share feature so that any visitor on your website likes any product/page can share it on their own timeline of FaceBook.

Email Signatures is another useful way to market your FaceBook page. Embed the link of your FaceBook business Page in the signatures of your email and you will have an opportunity that the recipients of the email will visit your FaceBook page. This feature is highly important for emails those are used to blast newsletters on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.Traditional marketing techniques if you are using any like brochures, roadside hoardings, newspaper classifieds etc…then introduce your FaceBook page reference somewhere in the marketing material.

Social Network – Increase the network of your friends by requesting them friend requests, explore the various group in your business niche and approach the members of those groups to become your friends and then you can send them request to like your business page. Surveys conclude that the conversion rate of friends into fans is almost 30%.

Explore features of Facebook Page Marketing :

Most of the time various important features of FaceBook remains unfolded due to lack of awareness. So here I will state few features of FaceBook that you should keep in your mind while marketing your business page:

  • Pin your Post.
  • Featured Owners of your Fan Page.
  • FaceBook Insights to see what is liked and what is not on your fan page.
  • Highlight your post or highlight your photos.
  • Use Events
  • Use Milestones
  • Poll
  • Vanity URL: Customized URL of your Fan Page with desired username facebook.com/username
  • Featured Likes

Miscellaneous Facts about Facebook Page Marketing

There are few interesting facts regarding FaceBook fans that you should keep in mind:
EdgeRank – If you are assuming that all of your page fans will receive all of your status updates/posts then you are wrong and this can affect the overall performance of your FaceBook marketing campaign. FaceBook uses ‘EdgeRank’ formula to pick the fans from your fan base to whom your information will be shared. The selection depends on:Affinity: Measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights (photos, videos, status updates, links, etc.). The higher the weight, the higher the score.Time Decay: As a post ages it continually loses value.Did I Miss Anything?I hope I have covered all the possible and relevant information that you should be aware of while strategizing your FaceBook Marketing strategy. But still if you come across any useful information on web then please drop a comment to update me so that I can append the blog post entry. Your feedback and comments will be highly appreciated.Stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe our blog feed to receive regular social media optimization updates that will help to improve your social media planning and strategies.

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