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Social Media Strategy

Well there is no second thought about saying that 2013 was biggest success for Social media. Google+, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are few to name amongst the top social media networking websites of the year 2013.

Eye opening facts:

  • YouTube got 6 billion hours videos watched every month in this year
  • Monthly active users (MAUs) – FaceBook crossed 1.15 billion active users in a month
  • Social media grabs maximum time on internet from online users
  • Customers want to look at your active social media account for making their decision about purchase

What next for Social Media Strategy 2014?

This is biggest question for every online business. They can’t think of ignoring such a huge potential for their business success through social media.

Each and every business no matter small size, medium or big multinational organizations want to be part of this fastest growing community. Social media has proved to be a biggest NEED for every type of organization.

Presence on social media is playing crucial role in terms of strengthening the online brand popularity, customer relationship building and getting direct hot leads that can end up into potential customers. This trend of social media has grown so fast that now there is huge competition among all types of businesses on social platforms.

Heading towards year end and already into the last quarter of this year; this is the best time to plan and strategize your Social Media Strategy for 2014 for your business to stay ahead of your competition. On the basis of growth and expansion of social in 2013 so far we can expect good social media response in the coming year as well.

Predications are coming from all corners of the world about Social Media Strategy for 2014 and here I am going to outline few important predictions in terms of choosing best social media tools, strategy and platform for best output from these social channels.

This is highly important for every business to realize what is working and how it can help to improve their business revenue. Mentioned below are Social media predications that can really help you to master your Social Media Strategy for 2014 to meet your business goals.

1. Social Media Strategy for Smartphone usage:

With the increasing trends for latest technology mobile phones the possibility for social media exposure is huge. Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, China and Pakistan are heavily moving towards smart phones. India has been becoming a crucial player for all types of investors and markets and so is for smart phones.

As more and more people are lured towards special gadgets like android pones or iphones the possibility of usage of Social Media is increasing exponentially. FaceBook users are increasing on daily basis and trend is nonstop able.  Asia is almost competing with Europe in terms of social media usage. See the screen below:

Daily Active Users Get ready for Social Media Strategy 2014

Businesses keep close check on these types of trends to ensure that they do skip any important portion of online marketing.

So if your business nature is such that you can expect customers from Asian countries then it is recommended that you should focus on your Social Media Strategy heavily for the coming year to grab and increase online sales.

2. Social Media Strategy for Info Graphics:

Online marketers and especially social media specialists must have noticed the new and emerging trend of knowledge and content sharing. This is nothing but Info Graphics. Yes Info graphics are the images loaded with visual presentation of content and small thumbnails driving the meaningful correlation between the sequence of points covered in the compete info graphic. So basically this is visual representation of long discussion points in the form of meaningful images. Even if you want to explain some topic or you want to showcase company charts or sales trends …pictorial view of information always helps to develop interest.

This is the key requirement of successful social media campaign. You should know how to develop interest and engage users in your online content.

Certainly, Info graphics has been proved quire successful in 2013 for developing interest of online users and engaging discussions through to run up more online sales. Consider the example below:

Social Media Get ready for Social Media Strategy 2014

So you will notice that info graphics are loaded tons of useful data and important facts in summarized in an interesting graphical way that users will find them easily and understand them equally.

Social media is great place to spread this mouth of word through info graphics to make it viral. So there is no second thought about it that info graphics will gain more popularity over the period of time. People are losing their interest from text based content marketing.

So good exposure can be expected for website like: Slideshare, tumblr, Pinterest etc…

3. Social Media Strategy for Google+:

Google is doing its best to compete its major social media competitors like Facebook and twitter by all means and hence is the launch of Google+ a replica of FaceBook. Google+ was not able to gain much popularity as compare to present social giants.

Lately Google has introduced some special features in Google+ and certain algorithm changes for search engine ranking for the websites. Interestingly the newly tweaked parameters are focusing on social signals those are embedded into Google+ lately.

Now Google+ has become an essential need for successive SEO and by 2014 it is predicted Google will impose this social signals so heavily that you will no choice than signing up for Google+ account and Google+ profile promotion for your businesses.

Although there is no significant revenue is noticed by any of the big players of social media specialists in their businesses through Google+ but still the count of Google+ is increasing rapidly. Now it’s mandatory that if you have a Google mail account then your Google+ will be automatically imposed and you have to keep it to retain your Google mail account.

Also just refer to the important factors listed in the previous post wherein we have explained in detailed that how Google+ is affecting SEO to understand the correlation between Search engine ranking and Google+ promotion.

4.Shift from Micro blogging to Micro Videoing:

As the trend is changing from text content promotion to info graphics a similar trend has been noticed and is expected to grow in 2014 is micro videoing.

Under micro videoing rather than texting anything on twitter or FaceBook it is expected to see that people are adapting to small videos of small duration. With smart phone shooting a video is no big deal these days and you are always handy with your mobile phone.

You caught something interesting on the way; you can easily catch in a 5-15 seconds video on your cell phone and share it right away to your social network. People like to watch small duration video than lengthy videos and interest is shifting very fast.

No one likes typing content and spending 4-5 mins to drop a 140 chars of tweet; instead they prefer voice messages or short videos to put across messages.

Twitter has already launched feature of embedding short video through online app called: Vine and Instagram too have introduced similar functionality.

5.Foursquare becoming redundant:

Foursquare is losing its ground continuously since beginning of this year and still not a state where we can think of its survival in extremely tough completion of social and search in the coming year, 2014.

Interestingly the social platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram has become its biggest competitor in terms of their enhancements to include location-based features so the user base of foursquare is drifting and moving towards these popular social platforms.

Based on the present situation, not sure but we can’t say more than just ‘good luck’ to foursquare for coming year.

6.Social Media Strategy for MySpace Reloaded:

Yes, MySpace is trying to come back to the world of Social Media once again with their endless effort to come up with completely different concept for social media networking.

Their awesome new frontend interface and radio music integration makes it stand different from the crowd. It’s expected that MySpace will be well known for Music social networking in the coming year.

Don’t forget the age and maturity of this platform. They are one amongst the most experienced social media platforms since 2003.

It would be great idea for social media specialists to focus on MySpace for the coming and don’t simply skip it for their past mistakes.

To summarize the final I would say that coming year will be record breaking year with surprising social booms and completely new world of internet marketing will be realized. The shifting trend from ‘Should have’ to ‘must have’ social media marketing will be realized in 2014.

Businesses and big corporate will be expect to invest heavily in the social media marketing by hiring social media specialists. So there serious scope for internet marketing companies specialized in Social Media marketing by 2014.

How to to properly conduct a strategy of social content curation.First of all, you must make sure you’re targeting the correct audience. This section of Followerwonk is a huge help in making that goal possible, and the methodology explained by Peter Bray in this post. Read more on Social Media Strategy.

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